On this Women Talk Tech podcast we talk to Holly Munn, Partner in BrandFreek Communications. Holly believes the traditional story line we tell about women leaving technology has to change. It’s not about having babies, it’s about being in work spaces that support the inclusion of diverse employees.

Listen as Marie and Holly debunk myths and stereotypes of working women as they send out a call to all women, we need you in tech! It’s not enough to have one or two woman leaders in tech — we need women to think of tech as a place for them. This episode is an empowering conversation for all tech leaders.

About Holly Munn

With over 15 years’ experience with world-class public, private, and government organizations, Holly Munn believes that words we use and the stories we tell can transform our communities and organizations. Holly is a partner in BrandFreek Communications, a Vancouver-based professional communications firms and provides support for a number of publicly traded and privately held corporations in Europe, North America and Asia. Holly believes knowledge and expertise deserve to be shared. In addition to a number of mentoring roles, she is an adjunct professor at UBC’s Sauder School of Business and a part-time instructor at Queen’s University and BCIT.