On this Women Talk Tech podcast we talk to Mina Dezz, Founder of the largest online community on Instagram “Iron Ring Girls” created to bring women in engineering together. Mina was a graduate of Civil Engineering in 2014 from the University of Toronto and is currently working in residential construction building custom homes. Mina impressively built a community of over 20,000 followers and created the guide “Building a Powerful Mind while Studying Engineering”.

This episode addresses the common challenges women experience in Engineering such as loneliness, independence, and the drastic change in environment. Mina speaks about her experience throughout university and how proper preparation can help manage this change a lot better.

Marie and Mina discuss:

  • The challenges girls face transitioning from high school to university
  • How to prepare for the engineering journey
  • The importance of communication and people skills in engineering
  • Dealing with uncertainty after graduation

Mina provides many helpful tips and strategies for dealing with a profession that is mostly men, many of which the technology industry should be adopting today. Her advice “always ask” is one of the most important lessons all young women should learn as they work their way up no matter what the career choice.

About Mina Dezz

Mina has been working in the field of engineering since she graduated in 2014. She graduated from Civil Engineering with a minor in Engineering Business from the University of Toronto. She started working in urban transportation design but switched to construction after 2 years. Mina currently works in residential construction, building custom homes.

Mina is also the creator of the largest online community of women in engineering on Instagram “IronRingGirls”. She has written her entire experience in studying engineering in her guide “Building a Powerful Mind while Studying Engineering”.