Many vendors and distributors talk a lot about helping their channel partners to do better marketing. Unfortunately, only a few actually do it properly. Sherweb may be one that is on the right path to getting this done.

In my recent interview with Maxime Provencher, responsible for customer success at Sherweb, we discussed the process of generating qualified sales leads for MSPs. Check out the podcast interview to get the full scope.

Marketing is a process and once learned, it can be easily repeated. However, if you skip steps, results can tank very easily.

No doubt that one of the weaknesses of channel partners is digital marketing. There are many moving parts in building a successful marketing strategy, programs and tactics. So, take some time to understand and develop the right playbook. Get some professional help to guide you.

There are many inexpensive automation tools available to help channel partners improve their marketing game. It is a huge digital marketing playground out there with lots of cool toys to use. Maxime mentions a few tools to help with lead generation.

Another is a simple marketing automaton platform for $50 per month that any MSP can leverage today. It’s called eMailPlatform. While the name may say e-mail, what it does is a lot more. We use it. We liked it so much that we pushed the developer to offer it to the channel and include support. See and browse some of the videos on the tool.

As Maxime pointed out the process of lead generation includes 6 stages:

  1. Awareness
  2. Interest
  3. Consideration
  4. Intent
  5. Evaluation
  6. Purchase

Connect with Sherweb’s team to start a conversation on the topic. They will keep you posted on some of the cool stuff that they are doing and literally help you navigate the process. What for more news coming on this subject from Sherweb at