Michelle Bank is the Executive Vice President and Chief Product and Marketing Officer for Nuspire. She leads the overall success of Nuspire’s product roadmap and marketing program and growth. Bank has expertise in B2B product management, product marketing, corporate communications and demand generation with a deep background in B2B technology inclusive of cybersecurity services, technology, and network services. Her focus is on building a best-in-class team and has a passion for coaching and career development. Bank brings a wealth knowledge and over 20 years of experience. Prior to joining Nuspire, Bank served as a VP of Marketing for Optiv, where she managed and ran solutions marketing and content strategy. She also has worked for companies including Windstream, Level 3 and more. She has a passion for bridging product and marketing strategy with technology to increase growth and goals by always moving the line “up-and-to-the-right.”

Michelle Bank