Many people overlook the importance of safe storage when discussing cyber security. Seems like the storage box is only where they put the data?  When you think about it, it makes a lot of sense that the storage devices should have cybersecurity resilience baked into it to further reduce risks. Listen to our conversation with Eric Herzog of Infinidat, a leading provider of enterprise storage solutions, to learn how their storage solutions are assisting channel partners in lowering risk, maximizing efficiency, and cutting costs.

Infinidat recently announced a series of significant enhancements on its InfiniBox and InfiniGuard platforms, expanding capabilities, guaranteed SLAs, and capacity to reinforce Infinidat’s leadership position for primary storage, modern data protection, and cyber resilience. The new enhancements give enterprises the ability to improve cyber resilience with broader InfiniSafe capabilities, guaranteed rapid recovery from a cyberattack, a greener data center with reduced enterprise power and cooling needs, and lower total cost of ownership by double digits beyond what is currently possible with existing systems. 

The new enhancements include: 

·        Expanded InfiniSafe capabilities on InfiniGuard – larger capacity for a dedicated InfiniSafe repository of up to 35PB of effective capacity for immutable snapshots, a full backup repository of up to 50PB of effective capacity, and the doubling extendable retention of InfiniSafe immutable snapshots up to 60 days.

·        New cyber storage resilience guarantees on InfiniGuard – guaranteed recoverability of InfiniSafe immutable snapshots, and recovery of those immutable snapshots in 20 minutes or less guaranteed, regardless of the size of the snapshot.

·        Increased capacity and expanded VMware capabilities on InfiniBox – improving return on investment (ROI) and lowering total cost of ownership (TCO) by up to 36%; reducing power usage by 42% per effective PB to meet sustainability requirements and fulfill the promise of “green IT”; and providing support for NVMe-oF (Over Fabrics) − NVMe/TCP for 30% more IOPs and 35% less latency than iSCSI. 

With the increased need for cyber resilience and modern data protection, the enhanced InfiniGuard platform includes two dedicated repositories. The InfiniSafe repository is dedicated for cyber resilience, delivering up to 35PB of effective capacity for use with InfiniSafe’s immutable snapshots. The backup repository is dedicated for modern data protection and backup/recovery, providing up to 50PB effective capacity. Additionally, InfiniSafe immutable snapshots now have double the retention period (up to 60 days).  

For primary storage, the larger capacity InfiniBox platform delivers 17.287PB effective capacity. This enhancement expands the use of the InfiniBox to wider storage consolidation – with more capacity in the exact same footprint as previous models. Fewer arrays are needed to gain a substantial increase in storage capacity, reducing TCO by up to 36% and improving efficiency in power and cooling per PB up to 42%, along with less to recycle upon system retirement.

To meet and exceed customer expectations for performance, cyber resilience, availability, and efficiency, Infinidat offers a broad set of guaranteed SLAs for its storage and cyber resilience platforms. With today’s announcement, the company is adding two new guarantees for the InfiniGuard solution: guaranteed recoverability of InfiniSafe immutable snapshots, and guaranteed recovery time of those immutable snapshots in 20 minutes or less on secondary storage.

In addition, with the latest version of its unique single software defined storage architecture, Infinidat delivers two new capabilities to enhance modern VMware infrastructures: NVMe over TCP certification with vSphere ESXi, and vVols replication with VMware Site Recovery Manager (SRM) integration. This makes Infinidat one of the few providers with an enterprise storage solution certified with NVMe/TCP for VMware.

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