Bocada, a backup monitoring and reporting automation company, released a new version of Bocada oriented toward the MSP market. The new features empower MSPs to more securely and efficiently monitor end customer backup operations to hit key SLA goals while automating operations throughout their backup-as-a- service (BaaS) offerings.

These additional capabilities build on Bocada’s already-robust backup monitoring feature set—native integration with over 40 enterprise backup, cloud, and storage solutions, highly customizable report templates, alert triggers, unprotected asset discovery, and ticketing—to automate and optimize MSP BaaS workflows.

“We’re aiming to help MSPs balance the competing priorities of meeting customer security requirements while achieving internal BaaS profit margin goals,” said Matt Hall, Bocada’s Chief Revenue Officer. “By improving not just how MSP customer backup data is collected but also how MSPs monitor, use, and share the data, we can deliver streamlined and secure processes into BaaS operations. BaaS teams effectively reduce overhead and delivery costs while successfully hitting key performance metrics.”

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