Christina Walker is the head of Blancco’s global channel. She is responsible for directing a global channel team in driving global channel sales and programs. She has 15+ years of channel experience leading teams, sales projects, programs and accounts selling SaaS. She is a skilled business analyst, strategic thinker and exceptional leader with an instinct for identifying opportunities, developing results-oriented plans.  Here are some tips and wisdom to other women who are looking to break that “glass ceiling” in tech:

  • Cliché’ I know, but do not be afraid to fail. Try new things and engage your team on the thoughts. 
  • Come at your role without thinking there is a difference.  Of course you have a different way of thinking but so does everyone. Even if you fail – then trust you can pick yourself back up.
  • Have fun. No really.  I try to just have fun and laugh rather than try to fit into some “poker face” mold in order to try to fit in what I think the male genre of our industry wants me to be.  
  • Be willing to learn and grow, always.