The $8.4 billion dollar company with about 160,000 employees reported that they detected a potentially abnormal activity in a few employee accounts on their network as a result of an advanced phishing campaign.

Wipro has many customers, including some Fortune 500. The big question is did this attack springboard onto their customers?

Apparently the company is building a new e-mail system to mediate this problem as well as engaged with a third-party forensic company to figure out what, when and how it happened.

Why it happened and by who is unclear, but rumours are floating around indicating that it could be a state-sponsored attack.

Details are still foggy as the company is yet to release the full scope.

The bigger picture of concern is becoming clearer with other recent hacking of MSPs. Once hackers penetrate MSPs, they can easily jump to their customers. The impact can snowball into an avalanche of hurt for many.

All MSPs need to button up and double down deeper to prevent this sort of attack. Jim Libersky from The Barrier1 Group (a company that specializing in IT security with AI) commented “With 24/7 intrusion attempts, the bad actors only need to find one weak spot to penetrate, whereas businesses need lock down every possible and potential crack in their network. Only with deeper AI can companies keep ahead of hackers or at least keep up.”

It is a good time to also verify that your backup data is also not been compromised. Hackers can plant dormant malware that will quietly sneak pass your security and infiltrate your backup. Once this happens, your backup restoration becomes useless as the malware reignites upon recovery.

Asigra’s Eran Farajun (, “We see this Attack Loop malware as a huge and growing problem that many vendors have still not fixed. We have already upgraded our platform to scan and isolate malware as it enters and exits the backup data stream. It is one of the only ways to keep your backup safe”.