Alex Tatham, Executive Director of UK-based Westcoast, spoke to us about the importance of maintaining a positive outlook in life, the impact of the pandemic on device sales and the subsequent recovery, and the ongoing impact of Brexit on the UK’s trading capabilities and economy. The conversation also touched on the ever-evolving world of technology, with a focus on the prevalence of AI in 2023 and its impact on the industry. Additionally, the discussion explored the growing emphasis on sustainability in the UK and Europe, particularly in the public sector, and the role of distributors in championing sustainable practices.

The meeting also delved into the current trends within solutions, shedding light on the shift towards cloud proliferation and the transformation of traditional VARs into MSPs. The conversation highlighted the upcoming copper wire switch off for telephony in the UK and the need to digitize voice business, as well as the impact of AI on business, emphasizing the importance of aligning AI initiatives with addressing specific business challenges. The conversation also touched on the future of the cybersecurity market, with a focus on the potential impact of AI and the evolving landscape of cybersecurity.

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