Every business has a phone. They already pay a monthly bill for its usage. It makes sense for MSPs to open a conversation about phone systems. Since the monthly recurring model is already in place, it shouldn’t be hard to leverage.

The VoIP services market is expected to reach US$140 billion by 2021. Get your piece of the pie by adding this simple and intuitive service to your offerings. If you are not talking to your customers about their phone, then your competitors will. Once you get in, you can easily open up the door to offer other managed services that may affect your current book of business with the client!

SherWeb offers comprehensive Cloud PBX and UCaaS solutions but that’s just the start. Their team is hands-on when it comes to on-boarding their partners and their clients. MSPs can start the journey by getting free online certifications on the product, how to sell it and the quoting tool.

Once you are up to speed on the solution, reselling shouldn’t be too hard. If you need to, reach out to the SherWeb team and they will help close your deals. They know the competition, so they can help you face customer objections. They also offer a wide variety of tools as part of their partner toolbox, such as white-papers to help you perfect your sales pitch, or white-label presentation decks, which you can leverage in your client meetings and much more. Their team is also available, whether it’s the dedicated on-boarding team for VoIP orders, the technical presale team for technical stuff or the subject matter experts to help you boost your sales.

Once the deal is closed, SherWeb will step up again to help you deploy the system and support you or your clients. On the on-boarding side, they ship the phones preconfigured and can also help you with the voice menu recordings. The experience is as close to plug-and play as possible.

Voice services are all about long-term recurring revenues, so if the solution and processes work, all you have to worry about as an MSP is to handle the client-provider relationship. The rest will run by itself and give you access to predictable and sustainable revenue!

Check out the interview with Maude Tanguay to get more details. Contact SherWeb to know more or check out their Cloud PBX Online Certification: http://info.sherweb.com/voip-cloud-pbx-certification-registration.html .