Webroot acquired the assets of Securecast, a security awareness training platform. Building on Securecast, Webroot Security Awareness Training will give managed service providers (MSPs) and businesses a solution to reduce the risks and costs of phishing, ransomware, and other cyber threats with end-user education.

Webroot Security Awareness Training is available as a beta program, with general availability scheduled for later this fall. The beta will allow participants to operate phishing simulations and provide a test course to address the weakest link in an organization’s security posture: the human factor. By combining the latest threat intelligence, technology, and training, Webroot enables businesses to reduce their security risks by continually educating their users and testing their awareness on cybersecurity best practices.

Webroot Security Awareness Training Beta Key Facts:

  • Webroot Security Awareness Training is a fully hosted Awareness-as-a-Service platform with an end user training program and a sophisticated phishing simulator.
  • The phishing simulator, including a growing template library, allows MSPs to engage and test users with real-world phishing scenarios. Companies can design targeted phishing simulations relevant to their line of business.
  • All training and phishing campaigns are tracked for reporting; personalized for internal or MSP partner use; and are intuitively launched in a few easy steps.

Webroot Security Awareness Training General Availability Key Facts:

  • Upon general availability later this fall, Webroot Security Awareness Training will be integrated into the Webroot SecureAnywhere® business portfolio.
  • The platform’s interactive training courses may be sent out directly to end users from MSP security administrators, ensuring highly relevant training tuned to specific security risks. Users will be able to launch the courses with one click on their mobile device, tablet or laptop.