Calligo announced it has acquired of Network Integrity Services, a UK-wide IT managed services provider specialising in managed IT, cloud and security services, with locations in Manchester, Birmingham, Leicester and Hemel Hempstead. The value of the deal has not been disclosed.

The purchase of Network Integrity Services is Calligo’s ninth acquisition in three years, and fourth in 2020, closely following November 2020’s acquisition of Cinnte Technologies in Ireland – Calligo’s third in the region. Network Integrity Services itself has scaled rapidly through acquisition, completing nine acquisitions in the last 10 years.

Calligo’s acquisition of Network Integrity Services is part of Calligo’s objective to expand its local presence throughout the UK, while also bolstering the skills and capabilities that can be made available to customers throughout Europe and North America, supporting the delivery of its entire portfolio of managed data services. These include managed IT, cloud and security services, plus data privacy services and machine learning services.

“Calligo is an unusual MSP,” commented Julian Box, Founder & CEO at Calligo. “We are a managed data services provider, with services that stretch far beyond traditional ‘IT maintenance and security’ into helping businesses use their data highly productively, intelligently, and above all, safely. While proven to be powerful in the market, this approach makes it difficult to find suitable acquisition targets. We were seeking an MSP who shared our philosophy that MSPs ought to offer more than simply caretaking customers’ technology, and who knew the value of supporting customers in the fullest and safest use of their data. Network Integrity Services was that rare find.”

Each of Network Integrity Services’ offerings align neatly with Calligo’s portfolio, with a strong focus on ensuring the availability, security and resilience of customers’ data, including managed IT, cloud and Microsoft 365 services, plus disaster recovery and backup services.

“Core to every one of our services – whether managed cloud or data insights – is data safety,” added Box. “Our promise to our customers is that no matter how we are supporting their access and use of data, we will also support their data privacy, data governance and data security. The way in which Network Integrity Services has gone about building its business, skills and services, and the focus they have placed on ensuring customers’ data is continuously secure and protected, shows that they share in our vision for modern, data-centric managed services. This means that their teams and specialists will easily integrate with our own, while their customers already appreciate the value and risk their data represents, and the impact and necessity of services such as ours.”

Mustaq Chandia, Director at Network Integrity Services, added, “Having grown substantially through acquisition ourselves, we know the importance of clear and well-understood alignment between the companies. It was important to us from the beginning that any acquirer appreciated the value of the role we have earned with our clients in supporting their operations and ambitions. Calligo has certainly proven this, especially with the significance they place on our breadth of capabilities and how they intend to make these skills available to their global client base by integrating our whole team into their own.”

Source: Calligo