Dhiraj Sehgal, Program Marketing Director at Tigera, a provider of secure networking and comprehensive protection for containers and Kubernetes, and its open-source offering, Calico Open Source, is the most widely adopted container networking and security solution. Dhiraj presented the company’s journey in the cloud native applications market, and emphasized the significant adoption of Tigera’s solutions by enterprises and the increasing role of channel partners in guiding organizations towards the right security solutions. The discussion also touched on the challenges faced by channel partners in navigating the multitude of options available and the need for easy-to-use, comprehensive security solutions for new applications. Dhiraj emphasized Tigera’s focus on providing a seamless and effective security platform, aligning with the ethos of off-the-shelf solutions for new applications.

Dhiraj and Julian also discussed the benefits of a simplified security solution that aims to alleviate the burden on cybersecurity professionals and streamline the process of deploying and monitoring security measures. They emphasized the need for the solution to be budget-conscious and adaptable to the evolving needs of applications, while also considering the human factors involved in managing technology solutions. Additionally, they discussed the role of automation and prioritization in managing security threats, highlighting the importance of leveraging technology to ease the workload and address the challenges of talent retention in the cybersecurity field.

Finally, Dhiraj provided insights into Tigera’s channel partner program, emphasizing the collaborative success with partners and the support provided to drive revenue for their business.