Perimeter 81 introduces new partner portal

Next-generation network security vendor Perimeter 81 of Israel has entered the North American market with a goal to secure network access points for the workplace no matter the location. A big part of its strategy is to engage with managed services providers (MSP) and today the company has launched a multi-tenant management portal for channel partners.

Perimeter 81 co-founder and CEO Amit Bereket said the portal will help MSPs manage multiple clients all at once in a unified dashboard.

“We focused on making the portal a multi-tenant platform to give the channel the ability to manage multiple organizations and networks. MSPs can manage clients much easier as well as consolidate billing, auditing and reporting. This is more efficient and MSPs will be able to manage many clients all in one single place from a mobile device or any other device online,” Bereket said.

The multi-tenant management portal will be single sign-on and have support for active directory. MSPs can also do network segmentation and anomaly detection.

It also features integration with SSO and SAML. There is multi-factor authorization as well as API support and gateway deployment.

New PRM Portal

In support of the multi-tenant management portal, Perimeter 81 is introducing a partner relationship management (PRM) portal for the channel.

According to Bereket, Perimeter 81’s go-to-market strategy relies on MSPs and in order to make them more successful the company worked to provide tools such as cloud-based services to manage customers from anywhere and any place.

Perimeter 81 worked in conjunction with Pittsburgh, Penn.-based PRM vendor MindMatrix to develop this portal. One of the areas that differentiate Mindmatrix’s PRM solution in the marketplace is its single unified platform that offers tools such as channel enablement, marketing automation, and marketing asset management.

With this new partner portal, Perimeter 81 will be offering deal registration for the first time in its history.

“Once a deal is registered; its there’s. And, we’ll support them by offering credit. We want to make them successful and we did all this to support the partners by giving them all these tools in an automated, self-service way,” Bereket said.

The Perimeter 81 portal will feature onboarding and account management, training and certification, lead sharing, marketing and sales resources, email and performance marketing tools, co-branded marketing materials, and a no-cost to partners CRM.

Perimeter 81 will also make available market development funds along with new presentation videos, playbooks and scripts.

“We want to enable the partner to do as much as they can,” Bereket added.