Swimlane announced the launch of its comprehensive partner program strategically designed to foster collaboration, drive enablement and facilitate financial empowerment for partners. The program takes a thoughtful approach, leveraging individualized subprograms to address three primary partner groups: Technology Alliances, Advisory Alliances and Value Added Resellers (VARs). Together, these three programs combine to remove barriers for companies of all sizes seeking to unlock the power of security automation.

Technology Alliances Program – driving technology and use case integration

Swimlane’s Technology Alliances Program delivers ‘out-of-the-box’ integration and interoperability through features like security products integration, interoperability testing, and deep technology collaboration. Inaugural members of the Technology Alliances Program include Elastic and Recorded Future.

Advisory Alliances Program – Harnessing proven industry best-practices

Backed by two of the world’s most recognized consultancy firms, Advisory Alliances will transform industry best practices into deliverable automation through co-solution development, use case collaboration and joint go-to-market solution creation.

Value Added Reseller Program – Collaborating to deliver market-ready solutions

The Value Added Reseller Program, already boasting 30+ strategic partners including Guidepoint and Optiv, will help develop market-ready solution bundles that reduce time-to-value, including pre-bundled solutions, and delivery and integration services.

“Swimlane’s industry-leading security automation platform has consistently enabled our customers to implement use cases that help them achieve their specific security goals,” commented Mike Kay, senior vice president of business development, Swimlane. “The announcement of the Swimlane Partner Program, in conjunction with the new Swimlane Cloud offering, creates significant new market opportunities for our partners, and delivers extended value to our customers by enabling new use cases previously not possible.”

As part of the of the program’s enablement framework, Swimlane eases pathways to market for partners through a comprehensive set of enablement tools–including Use Case Development Tool Kits, Sales Playbook Planning, Persona-based selling tools, ROI modeling, out-of-the-box campaign aides, and more – enabling partners to rapidly develop technical and go-to-market strength.

For more information, visit swimlane.com.