Well, if you missed the live session last Wednesday Oct 27, then you are in luck because you can now watch the full recording (bloopers and all) at your leisure.

If you use or sell Microsoft 365 and TEAMS, then you will want to dig into this.


  1. Quickly find out the bottlenecks that drop performance levels on MS apps.
  2. Fix them before the user even knows it’s a problem.
  3. Build on more “downstream” revenue on your Microsoft book of business.
  4. Be the performance super hero that will save time, money and pain for your clients (and your company).
  5. Differentiate your Microsoft managed services from all your competition.

There are 2 parts to this video recording.

  1. I talked with Mike Danforth VP of Global Sales at Martello and Chad McGreanor CEO of Cloud Revolution (channel partner) about how this platform solves some big pain points for users and MSPs. We also explored it from an MSP perspective.
  2. Wade McCallum VP of Americas Martello and Garth Fisher, Technical Engineer, Martello demonstrated the actual tool in action in real time. It was awesome to see in real-time how the platform was able to quickly identify deficiencies in the system. Just knowing exactly what’s causing the bottlenecks is probably 80% of the job.

If upping the performance on your MS applications is important to you, then you should check this out.

If you like numbers here are some that the EMA Research company found from the people surveyed.

  • 33% See MS365 as mission critical applications
  • 21% Said an outage can grind their business to a halt
  • 10% Have proactive monitoring with 3rd party tools
  • Excel, Outlook and TEAMS  were the top 3 MS apps
  • 23% of the performance problems were due to Microsoft issues
  • That means 77% was due to other source problems!
  • 25% rely solely on Microsoft tools to figure out the problem
  • 19% rely on users to raise the issue with IT to kick off an investigation

You can get the full survey and learn more about how Martello can help at www.martellotech.com