StorONE offers a bundled solution with Seagate’s Exos AP5U84 helping lower total cost of ownership (TCO).
“Seagate is a leader in storage data infrastructure, and our Exos AP series makes for the perfect turnkey system for data center professionals. When combined with StorONE’s Enterprise Storage Platform, the Exos AP is a storage workhorse solving a wide range of use cases including backup, archive, VMware and database environments,” said Mike Herbig, Sr. Director of Sales and Marketing for Seagate.”

StorONE’s S1:Enterprise Storage Platform combine with Exos AP enables customers to take a step-by-step approach to consolidation. Organizations can start using the solution as backup storage to reduce backup windows and meet even more stringent recovery requirements while lowering costs. Then they can use the same platform to later address archive, NAS, VMware and even database workloads. The platform’s built-in auto-tiering makes sure that performance-demanding workloads are satisfied while leveraging very cost-effective, high-capacity hard disks for less active data.

“The increasing price of storage and limited availability creates a significant challenge for IT as they try to keep pace with ever-increasing organizational demands,” said Gal Naor, CEO and Co-founder of StorONE. “With StorONE software and Exos AP, IT professionals can stay ahead of organizational expectations with a platform that is flexible enough to adapt to any workload IO requirement while significantly reducing both the CAPEX and OPEX of storage,” he also said.

While StorONE with Seagate’s Exos AP lowers TCO, it also maximizes data protection. First, StorONE writes all data to persistent media. The efficiency of the StorONE platform delivers high performance, cacheless architecture, without depending on a risky write cache. Second, the platform includes StorONE’s vRAID, which provides three plus drive redundancies and rapid high-density hard disk drive rebuilds. Third, the Platform includes S1:Snap, StorONE’s unique snapshot feature that can take a snapshot every minute and retain those snapshots for decades without impacting performance. S1:Snap provides the ultimate protection against a ransomware attack. Finally, S1:Replicate provides synchronous and asynchronous data replication within the data center and off-site to a remote location, an MSP, or the public cloud.

Source: StorONE