ScaleFlux, Inc., a leader in deploying SSDs with Computational Storage at scale, announced the launch of its ScaleFlux Partner Program. Now, customers will have broad access to the easiest approach to coping with data growth; a better SSD built with Computational Storage technology.

As organizations invest to modernize their storage infrastructure in the race to outcompete the market, they need solutions to cope with the growth of data without compromising performance capacity, or endurance. However, traditional flash storage technology cannot keep pace with modern workloads—particularly as we see continued exponential growth of data-driven 5G and IoT initiatives.

“Essential to the optimization of data center architecture, ScaleFlux is building a better SSD to cope with accelerating data growth by embedding computational storage technology directly into flash drives,” said Rob Wilson, vice president of sales at ScaleFlux. “And as supply chain shortages for drives continue to cause headaches, the ScaleFlux Partner Program opens access to the world’s leading experts in Computational Storage. We’re excited to move into the channel and work with partners to connect customers with the benefits of Computational Storage.  This is critical for ScaleFlux to maintain its global growth.”

Through the ScaleFlux Partner Program, partners benefit from ScaleFlux’s experienced team of experts optimizing data center architectures for modern high-performance workloads. Structured into three tiers—Registered, Advanced, and Premium—program benefits include best-in-class solutions, enablement and support, a unique partner portal, and financial incentives.

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