Get more leads and nurture them automatically via forms and autoresponders. eMailPlatform will learn from your customers and only send information that is relevant to them.

– Lead nurturing
– Keep your customers being pushed information that’s relevant to them
– Everything that can be gathered from information can be communicated with the right tools
– eMailPlatform has a full webtracker that learns from the behavior of the recipients on your side, even before they sign up for your newsletter
– The actions may be to open sent newsletters, clicking links, updating a profile, actions to enrich the profile or much more
– Gradually, eMailPlatform will learn from the actions, geography and behavior of the recipient
– Knowledge that can be transformed into reactions, either as new automated campaigns, campaigns with Relevant and Dynamic Content or in the form of data output for business intelligence systems and the like.
– Example: could be the geographical profiling options. As soon as a recipient signs up for the company’s newsletter, the person’s geographical fingerprints are recorded in the form of the IP address.

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