Growth is the ultimate goal for every organization, but growth also comes with its own set of challenges — namely, an overwhelming amount of data. As data moves from different databases and data lakes, it must be protected yet accessible to the correct people. But it’s not just about controlling access to a folder or a file; some companies need granular access control down to the row, column or even cell level. Additionally, those in charge need visibility into exactly who has this access. 

Dynamic Authorization grants this, providing centralized management of access to data with distributed enforcement for specific database and data lake technologies.  

Gal Helemski, Co-Founder & CTO/CPO at PlainID discusses how Dynamic Authorization can provide access control at a fine-grained level and the importance of simple access visibility, so every company can confidently answer the question, “Who has access to our data?” 

PlainID Inc. The Authorization Company, is the recognized leader in Authorization-as-a-Service powered by Policy Based Access Control (PBAC). PlainID’s simple, straightforward solution to authorization management enables organizations to create, manage and enforce authorization policies across an enterprise. By securely connecting identities to digital assets via PlainID Authorizers, firms can meet the digital demands of user journeys, enable zero trust architectures and provide data security. The PlainID Authorization Platform enables rapid business growth by connecting new and legacy technologies with the latest and most advanced authorization features.

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