Codeless Platforms is pleased to announce that it has signed a partnership agreement with Phoenix Systems, the largest, certified value-added reseller of SYSPRO in Canada and the United States. Currently celebrating its 40th anniversary, Phoenix Systems’ headquarters are in Newmarket (Ontario), with branches in Toronto, Winnipeg, Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver, as well as Portland (Oregon, USA) and Boston (Massachusetts, USA).

Although Phoenix Systems had become aware of BPA Platform whilst investigating middleware platforms, the adoption of the software and subsequent partnership with Codeless Platforms has mainly been the result of a recent requirement from one of its customers, which wanted to purchase BPA Platform but also involve Phoenix Systems in the process.
“One of our customers undertook an independent review of middleware software for their own purposes and discovered Codeless Platforms’ BPA Platform. They want to do an integration between SYSPRO and Salesforce. They do a lot of their own development and they like BPA Platform, but they wanted to bring us into the picture so that we could help them and support them in the future, because there is lot more that they want to do. That’s when they connected us to Codeless Platforms,” explained Les Hoffman, Director, Business Development & Unified Communications at Phoenix Systems.
“We tend to work with a lot of third-party companies, best of breed products that are not already integrated with SYSPRO. My hope is that this partnership will allow us to be open to more types of integrations, which, as far as I’m concerned, is the way that the world is going. I’m therefore very interested in the variety of connectors that Codeless Platforms has as I want to appeal to those companies that are struggling to integrate disparate systems, such as Shopify. I think BPA Platform will be a good addition to our toolkit.”
“There is a huge interest, even from the SYSPRO community, for Shopify integration at the moment. It seems a lot of our customers, especially due to COVID, are going more and more online. Shopify seems to be popping up all the time. SYSPRO itself has told us that they’ve had a lot of inquiries about Shopify integration. We also have a prospect that needs a Field Services solution, which SYSPRO does not have. However, Codeless Platforms has built a field service application on its Applications Platform, which is another reason for connecting with Codeless Platforms.”
The partnership is already paying dividends for Phoenix Systems with Codeless Platforms referring enquiries from SYSPRO customers based in Canada to the company.
“There isn’t a big ecosystem of SYSPRO partners in Canada, but we all work together and share ideas. What I would like to do is share our experience with Codeless Platforms with other partners and develop a stronger ecosystem. For example, we have partners in other parts of Canada. We tend not to deal with customers in some of those areas, because of our physical location, and they’re in a better place to handle it,” revealed Hoffman.
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