In today’s rapidly evolving AI and sales execution landscape, enterprise sales organizations are increasingly under pressure to drive innovation and adopt best practice workflows. To help sales teams meet this challenge head-on, Outreach, a leading sales execution platform, is announcing the launch of its Global Partner Program, EMPOWER, This launch marks a significant milestone in enterprise sales execution, providing an expanded network of Trusted Advisors, solution providers (SPs), and system integrators (SIs) for  businesses globally to help streamline their sales processes and drive growth . The global program allows partners to refer or resell Outreach and helps enterprise customers accelerate revenue growth through work with a trusted channel community.   

In this interview, David Ruggiero, President of Go-to-Market at Outreach, provided an in-depth overview of the Outreach platform. The platform addresses common sales challenges such as pipeline generation, deal flow velocity, and customer insights. He also presented the potential of AI in streamlining sales and customer outreach, emphasizing the automation of email conversations and A-B testing to optimize engagement with prospects.

He demonstrated the value of Outreach’s sales execution platform, which brings insights together and enables various teams within an organization to create their own sequences for sales processes, thereby adding velocity and efficiency to the sales process. He also mentioned the ease of tool usage and syncing with CRMs, as well as the potential for limitless application and growth of Outreach in various business sectors.

The company also recently announced a suite of new capabilities to assist sales and RevOps leaders in providing clear guidance, feedback, and coaching to sellers and teams. Covering various aspects of the sales process – including prospecting activities, messaging strategies, and meeting management – these new AI-driven capabilities give managers and leaders a deeper understanding of what works and what doesn’t, enabling them to implement more effective selling workflows at scale.