Jim Alkove is founding CEO of adaptive and autonomous identity security provider Oleria (derived from genus of clearwing butterflies). He co-founded the company to fill a critical gap within the industry: there’s a glaring deficiency in identity security protocols and management. 

According to CrowdStrike, 80% of breaches use compromised identities. And, only about half of organizations are, at best, even somewhat confident in the effectiveness of their identity and access management program.

In this podcast, Jim emphasized the importance of trust in organizational dynamics. He provided valuable insights into the evolving landscape of trust and security in the digital realm and the evolving threat landscape, highlighting the increasing challenges faced by defenders due to the changing global norms and the asymmetric nature of cyber defense. He also discussed the positive trend of rising prioritization of cybersecurity in governments and private organizations, emphasizing the efforts to raise the cybersecurity standards. Additionally, Jim mentioned the significant growth in cybersecurity spending, indicating a positive shift in the industry.

Julian and Jim explored the role of AI in cybersecurity, emphasizing the need for organizations to leverage AI for defense against evolving threats. They discussed the potential risks of data leakage and emphasized the importance of AI governance to ensure responsible deployment.