Super Code Strike is geared towards gamers of all ages looking for a hands-on experience that allows players to create their own gameplay adventure while practicing the basics of coding. Using their own creativity and the in-app Blockly coding functionality, players can build their own levels, control robots and other building elements while learning programming fundamentals such as conditional statements and control structures.

“People of all ages are spending more time playing games, and we wanted to create something that reinforces the idea of time well-spent online by designing an app that is fun and productive,” says Paul Greenberg, CEO of Creatubbles, the start-up behind Super Code Strike. “Built with our “fun first” ethos, Super Code Strike makes programming and problem-solving fun and highly engaging by offering an integrated approach between gameplay and curriculum-backed coding.”

Super Code Strike can be played solo or in multiplayer and features two main gameplay modes. Building is the technical aspect that allows players to create island-based obstacle courses, puzzles and sports challenges and then ‘hack’ items to customize their behaviour. Striking is the interactive portion where players can ‘strike’ – explore – other islands built by their peers and climb leaderboards within the global community, in addition to tagging your friends and liking or commenting on other players’ creations.

By putting fun first, Super Code Strike challenges the traditional model of teaching coding through practical training, instead motivating players to learn about programming through their own trial and error by simply playing the game on their phone or tablet. This means that parents and students can easily access the game at home, and educators can also use the game as a teaching tool in a classroom setting and or/ homeschool setting.

“The pandemic has challenged educators to reconsider and reimagine how they teach all subjects from math to art to music, and Super Code Strike is a great way to equalize the learning experience and take advantage of new ways to teach and learn,” Greenberg says. “This is a game that we hope helps inspire an interest in coding, problem solving, and spatial understanding while also offering endless opportunities for creative expression and teamwork.”

Source: Creatubbles