Datto held its annual flagship event, DattoCon NOW, on October 13.

Here’s a recap of what was announced at the event:

Datto unveiled SaaS Defense – an advanced cyber threat protection product designed to detect and block malware in cloud-based productivity applications. One third of employee emails are reported to contain malware, meaning MSPs are more responsible than ever for protecting their SMB customers on the front lines. SaaS Defense ensures that cyber threats are stopped before they enter an end-user’s inbox, chat, or drive. Built exclusively for MSPs, SaaS Defense detects unknown malware threats at first encounter across the Microsoft 365 collaboration suite, shortening the time to detection and closing the threat protection gap.

The product also features:
-Seamless deployment and management that enables new clients to get up and running in minutes
-Robust reporting capabilities that articulate why a threat was malicious
-Reduced need for additional headcount or security training

In his opening keynote address at DattoCon NOW, CEO Tim Weller surprised all current Datto SaaS Protection partners in attendance with a ready-to-use SaaS Defense product available in their Datto Partner Portal to protect them and their clients. Global availability of Datto SaaS Defense for the entire MSP community is expected in November of 2021.

The conference also featured key security technology demonstrations.

Select recordings from DattoCon keynotes will be posted on Datto in the coming days.

Source: Datto