Acronis, a global leader in cyber protection, announced the Acronis CyberApp Standard a groundbreaking integration technology. This innovation broadens the Acronis ecosystem to third-party vendors, offering them the means to seamlessly integrate their products and services into Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud, equipping service providers with essential tools necessary to drive efficiency and profitability.

Acronis CyberApp Standard is the only framework that allows vendors to deeply integrate into the Acronis platform with natively incorporated vendor workloads, alerts, widgets, and reports. This ensures a unified user experience for Acronis-owned and integrated applications, enhancing efficiency and reducing errors. Acronis CyberApp Standard offers vendors a unique, no-touch digital experience and complete application lifecycle management, unlike other platforms. Vendors interested in becoming part of the Acronis ecosystem gain access to the versatile Vendor Portal. It empowers them to build applications, share application details, upload marketing materials, and publish directly to the Acronis Application Catalog.

Technology vendors can benefit from partnering with Acronis by joining the #CyberFit Technology Partner Program and working together on joint sales and marketing opportunities. The program enables partners to collaborate on go-to-market strategies, co-branded campaigns and product assets, marketing and sales guidance, and access to MDF funds.

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