Ottawa-based Martello is now making its UCScore tool available to all remote workers who want to test how video and voice calls will perform on their home networks. Those who are working from home can now determine if their home network can handle the demands of real-time business communications, while simultaneously running other traffic such as online gaming to entertain the kids, virtual courses being taught to students, or web traffic to follow updates in the news. As a web-based tool, UCScore requires no software installation and will evaluate a network in minutes. It is optimized for use on web browsers such as Chrome or Firefox. Unlike tools like Speedtest (which are used to examine broadband internet bandwidth), UCScore sends packets (that represent voice or video calls) between the user’s computer and the UCScore server. The test delivers results in a standard, easy-to-read summary tells the user what the voice quality would be for those calls, based on a standard metric of 5 calls, 10 calls, or 32 calls. UCScore is typically used by Martello channel partners and managed service providers that sell unified communications (UC) solutions to accurately assess the impact a planned UC deployment will have on an organization’s network by testing what matters to voice performance to prevent jitter, latency, and packet loss.

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