Aware of the challenges of cybersecurity and the need for MSPs to adapt to the evolving technology landscape, Steven Griffin, Partner at L3 Networks, shared the journey of the company, highlighting their shift towards services and customer-focused outcomes. Steven also discussed the evolving challenges in cyber insurance and the critical importance of compliance and prevention in the face of cyber breaches. Steven delved into the evolving landscape of cyber threats driven by AI, highlighting the rapid increase in attacks and the need for a cautious approach to deploying AI in cybersecurity.

The interview also touched on the challenges of patching vulnerabilities in devices, the changing landscape of cybersecurity, and the potential for MSPs to enhance their cybersecurity services through partnerships with SOC providers. The discussion underscored the critical importance of staying ahead of cyber threats and the collaborative efforts to bring innovative cybersecurity tools to the community for enhanced protection. Additionally, the conversation highlighted the profound consequences of cyber attacks on vital systems and the complex web of interconnectivity that underpins modern society.