Speakers: Julian Lee – TechnoPlanet, Pat Saavedra – RabbitRun, Jaipreet Bindra – University of Ottawa, Shiva Nejati – University of Ottawa, Mehrdad Sabetzadeh – University of Ottawa, , Negin Ayough – University of Ottawa

Pat Saavedra started by giving some high-level context for RabbitRun Technologies and how the collaboration with the University of Ottawa to address cybersecurity challenges came about. He also talked about the collaboration and the significance of combining the experience of both sectors to research and address cybersecurity issues. 

The panel discussion focused on the specific work being done by RabbitRun Technologies and the University of Ottawa in this area, emphasizing the innovative approach and potential impact of their partnership. The team stressed the need of academic-industry collaboration in product development. They were also proud of the impact of their partnership and emphasized the importance of universities in encouraging innovation, research and collaboration with industry.

They also discussed the importance of academia in training the next generation of engineers, as well as the unique problem-solving environment it provides that AI cannot replicate. The team talked on the technical features of SD-WAN technology, such as how it routes data and how difficult it is to distinguish between genuine and malicious data. They also shared the outcome of that collaboration that is called “Attack Shield”, a meta-driven add-on to the existing SD-WAN designed specifically for MSP partners working in small locations with mission-critical applications. 

More information about the research paper referenced during the interview may be found at https://www.rabbit.run/sd-wan-cyber-security-research-university-of-ottawa/.