Everyday volatility and uncertainty demand quick action. Kinaxis delivers the agility to make fast, confident decisions across integrated business planning and the digital supply chain. People can plan better, live better and change the world. Trusted by innovative brands, Kinaxis combines human intelligence with AI and concurrent planning to help companies plan for any future, monitor risks and opportunities and respond at the pace of change. Powered by an extensible, cloud-based platform, Kinaxis delivers industry-proven applications so everyone can know sooner, act faster and remove waste.

Officially launched in Q1 2021, PartnerLink is a scalable, dynamic and agile program that combines the resources, training and business alignment needed to support and empower a global partner ecosystem. PartnerLink enables global partners to extend and augment services, sales, marketing and product capabilities, giving customers and prospects new ways to engage with Kinaxis and its partner ecosystem, leverage a broader range of strategic, transformative and implementation services and gain more value from Kinaxis RapidResponse.

“Our partners play a significant role in helping Kinaxis achieve our primary objective: to create unparalleled supply chain agility and resiliency for our customers,” said Conrad Mandala, Vice President Global Partner Organization, Kinaxis. “We introduced PartnerLink to accelerate our customers’ time-to-value, and we couldn’t be happier with the response that we’ve received so far. Together, we bring the full strength of our technology, expertise and global reach to bear as we help the world’s top brands navigate volatility and uncertainty.”

Recently, Kinaxis has welcomed seven new System Integrators ranging from large, global firms to regionally focused consultancies. Each leverage deep supply chain expertise to help customers mature and digitally transform their supply chains and provide the reach to serve global organizations, as well as better support customers’ and prospects’ distributed teams at a local level.

For more details about Kinaxis PartnerLink, please visit Kinaxis.com/partners.