IT organizations have a new enhanced option to address urgent configuration and logistics needs without leaving the safety of their homes. ImplementIT is an innovative, upgraded deployment service using technical experience and in-depth knowledge of product lines to help businesses scale and sustain operational continuity. As IT organizations globally struggle with the burden of procuring and deploying equipment in a production-ready state, ImplementIT offers an insurance solution for enterprises to achieve success.

The ability to rely on a trusted partner is now more important than ever. Due to COVID-19, enterprises can’t, and don’t necessarily want, to send their IT teams out to handle installations. The ability to hand off logistics and IT projects to a trusted partner is critical since in-house teams aren’t able to directly oversee projects during the current health crisis.

“ImplementIT is the future of deployment,” says Marc Spindt, Vice President Service Delivery of SynerComm. Spindt is no stranger to the challenges project managers face when they’re unwillingly tasked with large deployments – or to the impact COVID-19 has had on business operations. In his experience, nine times out of 10, client project managers aren’t overly familiar with the products they’re trying to source, or have any experience with logistical processes.

“We need to look at the ways to enhance IT configuration in today’s environment and establishing transparent partnerships is part of the solution,” adds Spindt. Effectively combining logistics and IT requires a specialized skill set and with growing compliance expectations, artifacts and validation of deployments – businesses are eager to find a partner who equally understand logistics, equipment and programs.

ImplementIT is available to enterprises with international facilities, IT hardware vendors and organizations deploying an unusual volume of infrastructure systems for replacements or upgrades. Clients have access to a portal which facilitates coordination and information flow between all stakeholders. The core of this portal, and this product, is transparency. By centralizing all logistics information, project teams can provide data in a digestible format that allows anyone – even those without specialized logistics or IT knowledge – the ability to interpret information and make informed decisions. This portal ensures clear communication with all stakeholders and customers never have to guess, wonder or worry.

Spindt says that ImplementIT is much more than an alternative to occasional deployment assistance. “We are building relationships with our clients and are advocates for their success. We’re much more than a value-added reseller. We approach IT and logistics holistically and provide information assurance solutions and IT services you can trust and understand.”

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