Pax8 announced MSP Foundations, its first live eight-week instructor-led course delivering managed service providers (MSPs) key fundamentals for developing a dynamic and profitable business. Offered through Pax8’s partner education program Pax8 Academy, the eight-week class empowers partners to build strategic business initiatives, drive toward profitability, and excel in today’s modern channel.

Led by a 20-year MSP veteran, courses in finance, sales, marketing, and operations will empower attendees to make calculated business decisions, determine profitability, and establish a repeatable sales process. With MSP Foundations, partners will have the opportunity to network and collaborate with peers from different regions and verticals and participate in interactive workshops, applying critical learnings specifically to their businesses.

Designed for MSPs with five or fewer employees or new MSPs that have been providing managed services for less than two years, MSP Foundations prepares enrolled participants for a remarkable and lucrative future. The 8-week course offers guidance in key business areas and ways to improve processes, increase revenue, and mature as a business. After completing this course, partners will have the skills and building blocks necessary to take their business to the next level and create a profitable future.

Partners who have completed the course averaged a 71% revenue increase in just six months.

“MSP Foundations is a terrific program that has been game-changing for my business,” said Christopher Brescia, Owner at FreshTech. “My goal was to learn one new method that would enable increased savings or revenue, but I learned much more, as each week’s content taught me impactful and valuable business approaches. The great knowledge, processes, and techniques presented throughout the course empowered me with the tools needed to drive growth strategically. MSP Foundations is proof that Pax8 doesn’t just care about the success of their partners—they enable it.”

MSP Foundations teaches partners how to:

-Develop a clear vision and mission statement

-Make business decisions based on financials

-Accurately determine the business’s profitability

-Establish a distinctive brand

-Optimize service delivery for clients and employees

-Build a repeatable sales process

-Understand the key drivers for growth in the modern workplace

-Track success through key performance indicatorsPA


Source: Pax8