TPx, a premier managed services provider delivering award-winning managed IT, security, unified communications and connectivity, announced that it has strengthened its managed security services with the addition of enterprise-class managed detection and response (MDR) to its MSx Firewall and MSx Endpoint services.

Our goal is to help customers identify, block and recover from attacks quickly to minimize damage and downtime,” said Jared Martin, Vice President of MSx Managed Services at TPx. Advanced threats are designed to avoid traditional security measures,which is why real-time inspection and prompt action by expert security analysts are so important. That’s where TPx’s new MDR service comes in.

TPx’s MDR solution includes a team of specialized security analysts, who are based in several geo-redundant Security Operations Centers (SOCs) and are available 24/7/365 to perform advanced threat hunting and mitigation services that will reduce response times and minimize the damage caused by cyberattacks

“MDR is critically important in today’s war against cybercriminals because the sooner a breach is discovered, the easier it is to remediate,” said Martin. The average time to find and mitigate a breach is 290 days. With MDR, TPx collapses that time by finding the threats that other technologies miss.

TPx also can manage the network from edge to endpoint to ensure that IT and security are aligned. By overlaying MDR services on its MSx Firewall and MSx Endpoint solutions, TPx provides a powerful end-to-end security service to small and medium businesses (SMBs) that don’t have resources in-house, and it brings a cost-effective option to larger enterprises that want to offload labor-intensive monitoring responsibilities.

The costs to run a 24/7 security operation inhouse is out of reach for most businesses.TPx can now deliver enterpriselevel security services in a cost-effective, monthly managed services subscription that can save businesses both time and money,” said Martin.

In addition to MDR, TPx MSx Firewall and Endpoint services have been expanded to include additional features to enhance customer security risk profiles.

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