A company’s legacy software does not get better with time. With customer expectations and user needs evolving quicker than ever, companies with a strong modernization strategy will be much better positioned to flex to these changes, now and in the future.

Randal Wark recently interviewed Shiva Ramani, CEO at iOPEX Technologies, a global business operations and technology services provider. Standing as a leader in the IT sector, having worked directly with large corporations such as T-Mobile, AT&T, Groupon and Canvas, Ramani has over 20 years of experience ensuring organizations have a clear path to modernization, achieve improved operations efficiency and reduce overall cost of operations. He is an entrepreneur who has been instrumental in setting up several IT start ups, with the most recent being iOPEX Technologies. iOPEX’s framework for integrated workflow automation helps the journey for operational teams to go from manual operations to AI-based operations to No-Ops delivering up to 30% cost savings.  As an expert in all things IT optimization, here’s a snapshot of what he discussed:

  • Legacy system modernization and how business can transform operations for a digital future
  • How businesses can fast-track their digital transformation journey with intelligent automation
  • How organizations can free up operational fees associated with legacy systems in order to reinvest in the business
  • How integrated automation has enabled enterprises to improve productivity and achieve operational excellence
For more information on IOPEX Technologies, feel free to visit www.iopex.com