Infinidat, a leading provider of enterprise storage solutions, recently announced the launch of the InfiniBox G4 family of next-generation storage arrays for all-flash and hybrid configurations, along with a series of significant enhancements and new capabilities that advance the company’s InfiniVerse infrastructure consumption services platform, seamless hybrid multi-cloud support, and cybersecurity capabilities. Taking a platform-centric approach, Infinidat unveiled a strategic extension of its Storage-as-a-Service (STaaS) offerings with the advancement of its InfiniVerse platform.

The Next Generation of Innovation in Enterprise Storage

Today, Infinidat is launching major innovations across its storage portfolio, optimized by a platform-native architecture for enterprise storage. The company’s new solutions include a completely new storage array family built from the ground up that substantially extends Infinidat’s cyber storage resilience and real-world application performance. Additionally, the elements of this launch expand Infinidat’s capabilities of protecting mission-critical data and simplifying IT operations across hybrid multi-cloud environments.

The new InfiniBox G4 solution is a breakthrough with its leap ahead in performance, delivering an improvement of up to 2x. The InfiniBox SSA G4 all-flash solution provides a scale-up architecture with 60%, 80% and 100% populated models, while the InfiniBox G4 hybrid system continues as a fully-populated offering. The new all-flash storage solutions also now include the small footprint InfiniBox SSA G4 F1400T model, requiring only 14RU that starts at 155 terabytes (TB) usable capacity (387TB effective capacity) at a very affordable price, while delivering all the InfiniBox SSA capabilities and InfuzeOS features. The SSA G4 F1400T family can be installed in a customer’s existing data center racks or those at a colocation facility.

The InfiniBox G4 series introduces a new set of foundational elements, powered by InfuzeOS, which is Infinidat’s software defined storage operating system. The G4 pushes the boundaries of enterprise-class storage solutions by leveraging the next generation of powerful and energy efficient CPU technology. PCI Express 5.0 supports faster devices with massive bandwidth and blistering I/O speeds. The new solutions are backed by the company’s SLA-driven, enterprise-proven guarantees: performance, 100% availability, cyber resilience, and the enhanced data services built into InfuzeOS.

In support of the new InfiniBox series, Infinidat is also introducing a new lifecycle management controller upgrade program, InfiniVerse Mobius. Over the lifecycle of an array, the customer will have the option to upgrade the controllers to level up the storage system and seamlessly extend its life in their data infrastructure.

This launch announcement showcases significant enhancements to a range of cyber resilient storage capabilities and infrastructure services, including:

  • InfiniSafe Automated Cyber Protection (ACP) – Automated cybersecurity capability reduces the threat window for cyberattacks, enabling customers to integrate into their Security Operations Centers (SOC), Security Information and Event Management (SIEM), Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response (SOAR) cyber security software applications, and simple syslog functions for less complex environments. A security-related incident or event triggers immediate automated immutable snapshots of data, providing the ability to protect InfiniBox and InfiniBox SSA II block-based volumes and/or file systems and ensure cyber recovery.
  • InfiniSafe Cyber Detection for VMware – Access to InfiniSafe cyber resilience capabilities to combat cyberattacks has been expanded into VMware environments. The impact of a cyberattack can be readily determined through this state-of-the-art cyber detection capability, with highly granular insights by leveraging AI and machine learning whether or not a VMware datastore and the VM’s they encompass have been compromised.
  • Innovation Incorporated into the InfiniVerse Platform – New consumption services and enhanced Storage-as-a-Service capabilities improve the ability to procure and utilize storage infrastructure. Enhancements to the InfiniVerse platform are designed to provide an easy, cloud-like experience for enterprises and service providers across Infinidat’s storage estate, whether on-premises or in the cloud.
  • InfuzeOS Cloud Edition for Azure – New support in InfuzeOS Cloud Edition extends the InfiniBox experience into the Microsoft Azure public cloud, adding to the existing support of AWS. This expanded support for cloud-native/hybrid multi-cloud deployments brings all of the industry acclaimed data services and associated benefits of Infinidat to the cloud, including ease of use, automation and cyber storage resilience.
  • InfiniSafe Cyber Detection for InfiniGuard – Cyber detection will be extended onto the InfiniGuard purpose-built backup appliance to help enterprises resist and quickly recover from cyberattacks. This proven capability provides highly intelligent scanning and indexing to identify signs of cyber threats in backup environments, helping ensure that data has integrity. The enhanced version will be available in 2H 2024.

Join one of Infinidat’s upcoming end-user webinars about the new solutions:

  • EMEA Webinar – “The Future of Enterprise Storage, Cyber Security and Hybrid Multi-Cloud” on June 5 at 1 pm GMT / 2 pm CET
  • Americas Webinar – “The Future of Enterprise Storage, Cyber Security and Hybrid Multi-Cloud” on June 5 at 10 am PT / 1 pm ET
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