Illumio, a pioneer and leader of Zero Trust Segmentation, announced new innovations in Illumio Core which automate, accelerate and simplify the path to a Zero Trust posture. Attackers continue to successfully set off cyber disasters at organizations that focus solely on detection and response. Cyberattacks and ransomware are most successful when they break through the perimeter and move, often undetected, throughout an organization. Illumio Core locks this movement down. New advancements in Illumio Core allow organizations to automate security enforcement, gain even more intelligent insights from real-time application data, and operate at cloud-scale.

Illumio Core is the only SaaS Zero Trust Segmentation platform proven to easily scale to more than 100,000 workloads across multi-cloud, container, hybrid and on-premises environments.

“Our new automated security enforcement can immediately create Zero Trust policy at the beginning of a customer’s journey, so they can segment their environments and start seeing value in a matter of days,” said PJ Kirner, Co-Founder and CTO, Illumio. “Only relying on a prevent, detect, and respond framework is dangerous and does not acknowledge the need for post-intrusion security to protect an organization. A Zero Trust strategy assumes breach and uses Zero Trust Segmentation to ensure that attacks infiltrating IT don’t become cyber disasters. The new innovations in Illumio Core help security teams automate, collaborate, and integrate with other technologies for a faster way to secure workloads.”

Organizations continue to rely on legacy approaches to security that were designed when we only had the data center to protect, hoping they will prevent all attacks from infiltrating today’s modern and dynamic organizations. Zero Trust is a strategy and philosophy that requires an “assume breach” mentality, which acknowledges attacks are already in IT and uses a wide range of technology to stop those attacks from spreading and turning into cyber disasters. But, as proven by Colonial Pipeline, SolarWinds, and other headline-breaking cyber catastrophes, most organizations have yet to begin their Zero Trust journey, and the need to accelerate its adoption has never been more urgent.

More info on Illumio is available here.