If you decided to use one of the big platforms to manage your channel partners, then you know already how expensive and time consuming it can be.

Even so, you still need to augment its functionality with partner-centric applications. If you can’t afford one of the big platforms, then you are left with picking a PRM and bolting on several other applications to do the job. The problem is these solutions really do not talk with each other so you are left with a work-around mess.

This is where Spiisee comes in… Their platform fulfills the needs of each of the 3 parties in the ecosystem – Vendors, distributors and partners. Each party has a standard interface in their instance so the learning times are greatly reduced. You can spin up everything in about 60 days. The system shares data with each other so everything is more streamlined and redundant work is gone.

When it comes to provisioning, billing and renewal management, the system also got you covered. More importantly, each channel partner has an option to customize and add other vendors that they want to sell. The end-result is a a single dashboard to do business with all vendors and distributors. As if that was not enough, it allows partners to build out their private-label marketplace so they can service and prospect their customers from A to Z.

We will be digging more into this platform to bring you more details on the way it works for vendors, distributors and partners.

Check out this interview with Spiisee’s founder Carl Watene and keep watching for upcoming deeper discussions.