5 Ways Web Intelligence can be used to protect the digital attack surface of your clients

As more and more of your clients embrace digital technologies, threats towards their data, people, brand, and digital attack surface rise. Traditional cybersecurity can’t protect data once it’s outside the network. Web Intelligence extends beyond the corporate walls, helping MSPs to gain a holistic defense for all digital engagement channels and secure their clients against digital security risks – with a focus on affordability, automation, and scalability. 

The Internet as a Threat Vector

Actionable insights on threats percolating on the Internet help to strengthen an organization’s security posture and help address the impacts of digital transformation in the evolving threat landscape. Potential threats can be discovered by scanning posts and comments for high-risk content such as malware, phishing, hate speech, and more. 

1- Brand Protection: Fraudulent use of a company’s brand can negatively impact customer loyalty, hurt sales, and result in a loss of shareholder value. These types of attackers register numerous web domains and social media accounts to mimic legitimate businesses. Web intelligence discovers the inappropriate use of a company’s domain and social presence, helping MSPs defend client accounts from takeover attempts by continuously monitoring for changes that indicate a hack.

2- Executive Protection: Attackers are targeting top executives in a number of ways, including account takeovers and email compromise. Experts say a new Internet-based threat vector is the so-called “deepfake” in which a VIP is spoofed doing or saying something embarrassing. In this case, the attacker is seeking to blackmail the exec. Web intelligence and investigation capabilities help MSPs protect against those types of attacks by looking for content that includes hate and profanity in conjunction with key executives.

3-  Insider Threat Protection: Insider attacks are very insidious and difficult to detect because the insider knows how to cover their tracks. Consolidated Web Intelligence enables MSPs to spot stolen employee credentials when they hit Dark Web markets.

4- Information Protection: MSPs must do everything within their power to protect corporate data and intellectual property against breaches, which can cost a company millions in lost sales. Web Intelligence enables MSPs to proactively investigate the risk of attack with auto-detection across Dark Web markets, hidden forums and social media channels. 

5- Thirdparty Intelligence: Supply chain attacks are on the rise and the best way to avoid unnecessary risks is to identify potential problems before they occur. Web intelligence enables companies to vet potential third parties before entering into a relationship. 

Consolidation is Key

Many MSPs already understand the value of using web intelligence in their security portfolio but don’t have the right resources to be able to properly collect, triage, and analyze this information to make actionable decisions. Between the shortage of security professionals and the increasing volume and sophistication of cyberattacks, security teams without the proper tools can find themselves overwhelmed by the sheer volume of information that they need to analyze. 

Media Sonar consolidates the far reaches of the digital world, spanning millions of web pages – including social content, Dark Web sites, ransomware forums, and paste bins. Group multiple domains per client to scale efforts to see how digital risks break down across your client base or dive into the technical detail of how individual clients are performing. Act quickly to identify the source of the threat and make decisions with a high degree of speed and accuracy.

Delivering Value to Clients

Most MSPs with a security portfolio are likely already offering endpoint and network monitoring services. Augmenting existing services to defend clients’ digital risk profiles moves an MSP up the value chain. The penalties are harsh for MSPs who do not take digital risk seriously. In fact, security breaches are the number one reason an MSP loses a client. Not only does expanding service offerings enable MSPs to be more confident about their strategies and establish repeatable revenue streams, it instantly boosts your compliance offering to clients.

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