Yair Cohen, co-founder of Sentra, presented the company’s cloud-native data security platform. The platform includes Data Security Posture Management (DSPM), a proactive approach to identifying critical data risks, and Data Detection and Response (DDR), a reactive monitoring system for detecting potential threats related to data access activities. This GenAI assistant enables users to analyze and respond to security threats quickly, reducing as much as 80% of the time required to accomplish tasks through its intuitive user interface and customizable dashboard.

Julian and Yair discussed the importance of addressing cybersecurity challenges from multiple angles, including security posture management and response platforms, and the significance of AI in simplifying complex tasks for CISOs and other security practitioners. The discussion highlighted the challenges faced by security teams in securing sensitive data, especially in public cloud environments, and the need for centralized visibility and control over data. Richard Treiber, Director of Global Channels and Alliances at Sentra, also joined the conversation on the company’s channel strategy for their cloud data security solutions, emphasizing the importance of reaching the right channel partners and making it easy for them to build a practice around Sentra’s product.