Evergreen stands out in a world dominated by short-term-focused private equity firms. Unlike others, it operates as a company, not a fund, and aims to disrupt the cycle of constant buying and selling every decade. 

Evergreen envisions a business landscape that nurtures companies, empowers communities, and values lasting partnerships. They celebrate diversity and uniqueness in local businesses, overseeing over 80 companies around the world, with plans to continue expanding. 

Jeff Totten, CEO, explained that Evergreen acquires small managed IT businesses globally and operates them independently, focusing on customer intimacy and preserving the soul of the company. He also discussed the company’s approach to helping these businesses grow and succeed, emphasizing the importance of maintaining a good culture and providing great service. The conversation then delved into the various factors that contribute to a company’s success, beyond just sales and profitability, including customer satisfaction, employee care, and the ability to differentiate from competitors.