The premium audio brand, EPOS, part of the Demant Group building on 115 years’ experience in innovation and sound, announced the launch of the brand new partner program: EPOS AMPLIFY. A strategic investment that will strengthen EPOS’ ecosystem, as well as partner relations and growth.

The new EPOS partner program is designed exclusively for the brand’s 6000+ channel partners around the world as a mutually beneficial model that aims to increase partners’ profitability and presence in the market, while taking business relations to the next level. The program is accessible for partners of all sizes and areas of expertise to support them in growing the business, and enhancing their professional knowledge and skillset.

EPOS AMPLIFY Partner Program

The EPOS AMPLIFY Partner Program encourages participation from a broad range of partners, and is created for them to differentiate themselves in a rapidly changing and evolving market. Rather than focusing on evaluating partner levels from revenue targets only, the program emphasizes heavily on involvement and engagement for the EPOS brand to foster Return on Investment, and ultimately, amplify growth.

When introduced to the EPOS AMPLIFY Partner Program, partners will be tiered by revenue and engagement level to ensure optimal support of the individual partner’s key competencies, as well as understanding of their needs and growth potential. The program then provides special access to a range of dedicated resources that partners will require to hit given measures, drive engagement and increase their perceived value to their customers. This includes a full suite of training and e-learning resources for partners to sell EPOS products easily and with expertise. Moreover, they will profit from digital sales tools and marketing support designed to provide them with a premium partner experience. Lastly, the EPOS AMPLIFY Partner Program offers the opportunity to automate and track partners’ progress, so they can put full focus and efforts on nurturing customer relationships.

Throughout the program, partners will be measured by their capabilities and engagement through a range of activities, and be rewarded for the focus and investments they make in working with EPOS. Depending on their commitment, the partner program features a relevant tiered system with a clear path of how to optimize the membership and progress beyond entry-level. Partners will be rewarded with a range of benefits including Product Sampling Program, Market Development Fund (MDF), Reward Program, dedicated account management, local marketing support, and much more.

Lars Riis Rasmussen, Sr. Vice President of Global Sales at EPOS says: “We are very excited about the launch of the EPOS AMPLIFY Partner Program, which will enable us to strengthen relationships with partners all over the world, while supporting their growth and efforts to stand out in the market. EPOS AMPLIFY offers a mutually beneficial model that gives all partners the same opportunities to succeed – rather than focusing on evaluating partner levels from revenue targets only, the program recognizes and reward partners for their investment in EPOS, and ensures significant benefits.”

Learn more and join the EPOS AMPLIFY Partner Program here.