Endor Labs, creators of the Dependency Lifecycle Management platform helping development and security teams maximize the use of open source software (OSS), announced 100% commitment to the channel and launched Endor Labs Hyperdrive, a global partner program designed to create powerful technology combinations for supply chain security, dependency selection and lifecycle management. In an environment where the software dependency lifecycle is a vital factor in technology development, Endor Labs Hyperdrive sets a new standard in inter-company collaboration to protect entire software inventories and turbo-charge application development.

Inaugural partners include CleverBits, Fortifire, Grant Thornton, Intuitive Cloud, TachTech, Tevora and Zinfinity. By featuring Endor Labs technology in their solution sets, companies participating in the Hyperdrive program gain a powerful competitive advantage. The capabilities are designed to earn the trust of risk-conscious executives and organizations concerned with compliance, accountability and control.

By contrast, most available solutions come up short. For example, Software Composition Analysis (SCA) tools lack context on how the dependencies are being used, and drown developers with endless false positives. Some options are unable to detect malicious dependencies or prioritize remediation, and can’t contribute to OSS selection. Finally, a typical SBOM (Software Bill of Materials)—once touted as the ideal option for true transparency—is typically incomplete and doesn’t list all components being used.

Visit Endor Labs at http://endorlabs.com/partners to learn more and apply to be a Hyperdrive partner! Or check out last interview with their CEO at: https://www.e-channelnews.com/endor-labs-launches-a-new-lifecycle-management-platform-with-25m-seed-funding/