Marco La Vecchia is the new Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) at Produce8, a SaaS application company aimed at improving productivity for MSPs. As CRO, La Vecchia will be responsible for growth strategy, including sales, strategic alliances, marketing, and customer success. La Vecchia’s experience includes running large teams as North American MSP channel head at N-able, global channels at AVG, and most recently CRO at Fully Managed by TELUS Business.

During this interview, Marco discussed the company’s mission to give back 90 minutes per employee per day and reduce unnecessary meetings, emphasizing the potential cost savings and productivity gains for MSPs. He also discussed the impact of the post-pandemic shift towards more meetings and the need for tools to provide insights into individual work habits.

Marco provided valuable insights into the challenges faced by MSPs in delivering services profitably amidst the increasing complexity of tools and technologies. He emphasized the need for vendors to adapt to the evolving market and invest in building strong relationships with MSPs, providing comprehensive support, and minimizing staff turnover to ensure customer loyalty.