I enjoyed chatting with Frank Rauch, Channel Chief of Check Point Software to get his take on the channel’s journey and what partners should be considering for 2021 and beyond. Frank has been in this current role for about 2.5 years, coming from VMware. And, HP before that. Frank definitely gets the channel.

To sum it all up, he said that everything just needs to be simplified.

It’s been said a thousands times before… The channel is evolving and over the recent pandemic it has accelerated its transformation. Today, most vendors are adapting to meet the needs of their channel partners, but are they getting it right? Are some only catering to their top-end? It’s definitely not a build it and they will come scenario. Vendors need to make bold but smart moves in their channel ecosystems to get ahead of the curve.

Large marketplaces are building up. Niche marketplaces are sprouting. Buyers are already scanning marketplaces to find what they need. Channel Partners are still finding their way to navigate.  Check Point is already in several marketplaces as a top player, working with their channel partners.

Watch my interview with Frank as he shines some light on a variety of channel topics and gives a shout out to one of several partners who he says is doing it right. He adds…Follow the money and listen to the market. Look at your portfolio and consolidate. Go deeper and wider on your offering. Rebrand and if needed, possibly reinvent your business.

Strong growth is expected in the channel so the future looks bright.