LogicMonitor, the leading SaaS-based performance monitoring platform for enterprise IT and Service Providers, announced the addition of anomaly detection to the platform’s growing artificial intelligence for IT operations (AIOps) capabilities. This new feature was debuted to IT professionals at the company’s inaugural conference, Level Up.
“Anomaly detection is a game-changer for our customers when it comes to their monitoring experiences, and we’re excited to be sharing this advancement with so many of them in person at Level Up,” said Tej Redkar, Chief Product Officer at LogicMonitor. “With anomaly detection, our customers not only get a holistic view into the health of their monitored resources, but also the insight to dig deeper and mitigate potentially critical events.”
LogicMonitor continues to invest in AIOps with anomaly detection, which builds on the company’s dynamic topology mapping announced earlier this year. Dynamic topology mapping enables customers to automatically discover relationships between devices in their environments and provides the context needed for more advanced AIOps capabilities, such as anomaly detection.
LogicMonitor’s anomaly detection allows customers to see deviations that occur for monitored resources and compare these anomalies to key historical signals. This additional layer of intelligence helps customers better understand the expected performance of their monitored resources and identify when performance is deviating from expectations. Anomaly detection complements LogicMonitor’s existing forecasting functionality and helps customers not only better understand resource health, but also troubleshoot faster and more effectively.
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