With premium support, flexible deployment options, and individualized training, Bitwarden has long served Managed Services Providers (MSPs) who provide a wide range of IT and security services to clients.

Bitwarden recently launched a new Provider Portal to further expand the company’s overall partner program. Through the portal, MSPs can easily manage clients’ password management services, all in one place, with simple access to each separate Organization. Two new user types allow for delegation of management and ensure clear differentiation between service provider and client users.

In the world of increasing cyber threats, clients demand more comprehensive security solutions. One crucial part of a secure defense is proper password practices, such as using complex, long, and random passwords that are unique for every site and service. Without easy-to-use password management tools this is hard to achieve with any size workforce.

Enter Bitwarden, a robust, open source solution with a feature suite that keeps clients’ passwords and secrets secure. Easy to deploy and manage, Bitwarden enhances MSP security offerings and simplifies onboarding new clients. With tools such as the Bitwarden Directory Connecter and SSO Integration, clients’ users can be quickly provisioned and immediately start safely sharing sensitive data and logins.

With a transparent, open source approach to password management and zero-knowledge encryption, it’s easy for providers to confidently offer Bitwarden to their clients. MSPs can extend powerful security practices to all of their employees’ online experiences across platforms and an unlimited number of devices. Bitwarden also enables business scale – MSPs can add more client organizations to accomodate more customers and seats can be expanded on a prorated basis as clients grow.

Bitwarden has a Partner Program to help MSPs with their business and achieve their growth goals.

For more information visit bitwarden.com/msp.