Speaker: Alexander Garcia-Tobar, CEO & Co-Founder, Valimail

Alexander Garcia-Tobar led a discussion on the importance of email authentication, highlighting the challenges in verifying the authenticity of parties in online communication. He explained the role of DNS in email authentication and provided insights into how Valimail addresses the need for authenticating emails across different domains and organizations.

Garcia-Tobar also delved into the critical role of email authentication for domain owners, using Uber’s email receipt process as a real-world example. Julian Lee acknowledged the pervasive challenges of email security and the potential for email authentication to significantly reduce the frequency of domain spoofing and unauthorized email attacks.

Garcia-Tobar provided an overview of the MSP program, outlining the process for setting up the solution and the use of DMARC for email authentication. Julian Lee acknowledged the compliance and supply chain benefits of the solution, highlighting the importance of controlling authorized senders to avoid fines and penalties.

They also discussed the significance of email authentication in covering a broad set of inbound and outbound communications, the importance of educating employees on email security, and the potential impact on national security and democracy, particularly during an election year.

A summary of the predictions from Valimail:

  • A Rise in Disinformation Influenced by Global Events and AI
  • Election Year Vulnerabilities and State Actor Threats
  • A Rise in the Importance of Email Authentication and Transparency in Digital Communication