ECN Contributor Glynis Devine recently chatted with Mária Trnková, newly appointed as Chief Marketing Officer at ESET. This strategic move reflects ESET’s commitment to innovation, enhancing partner and customer experiences, and strengthening its brand presence in the market.

Mária Trnková, previously Vice President for the Consumer and IoT Segment at ESET, brings on board experience with the creation and implementation of an effective data-driven strategy. Mária started her career at ESET in the autumn of 2016. Her journey began as the EMEA Territory Marketing Manager, where she collaborated closely with regional teams to shape effective marketing strategies. During her six-year tenure, Mária showcased exceptional leadership skills, progressively taking on more responsibility and driving impactful results. When she stepped into the position of Segment VP in October 2019, she moved into a role with interfaces across the entire organization. She also worked closely with the company´s management to ensure Consumer and IoT segment strategy definition and effective implementation.

In her new role as Chief Marketing Officer, Mária will spearhead the newly formed Marketing, Communication, and Digital Business division. This strategic division will enhance ESET’s marketing support across segments, fortify its brand position, and foster innovation through closer collaboration with technology and Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) teams. The key enabler for successful marketing implementation will be close cooperation with regional and local branches, ensuring delivery of the utmost value to customers.

“I am deeply honored to assume the role of Chief Marketing Officer at ESET. Throughout my journey with the company, I have witnessed the power of hard work and dedication in driving success. I am grateful to work in an inclusive environment where diverse perspectives thrive, fueling innovation and propelling ESET’s growth in the dynamic cybersecurity landscape. Together, we will continue to push boundaries and deliver exceptional solutions to our valued customers,” said Trnková.