Wildix, developer of the first web-based unified communications and collaboration solution, announced it has matched its strong first quarter in partner recruitment while continuing to add new users through its smart working initiative. The company also released a new management system for its platform, WMS5, which significantly enhances the platform’s capabilities and value.
“WMS5 leverages the full power of unified communications to enable us to enhance the value we deliver to our partners and users and will drive continued growth in our business,” said Robert Cooper, Managing Director of North America. “It supports the global communication and collaboration capabilities that have made us successful while adding capabilities that extend the value of unified communications to marketing and sales processes.”
By integrating chatbot functionality into the platform, WMS5 allows organizations to respond more effectively to potential customers visiting their web sites and close gaps in digital sales processes. Through the power of browser-based unified communications, website visitors can move from automated chat to a voice call with a sales representative, then to a video conference in single interaction without ever leaving their browser.
The enhanced management system also strengthens Wildix’s position as a security leader in unified communications. The system includes multiple encryption features that are turned on by default, prevents users from setting overly simple passwords and prevents attackers from using brute force password attacks.
To learn more about the Wildix platform, or how to become a Wildix partner, visit www.wildix.com.