This brief video captures some of the highlights of the recent IOTSSA Cybersecurity event held on March 30th in Edison, New Jersey. We hosted the event at a TopGolf location to add some golfing fun.

We’ve had quite a few hole-in-ones! Content was excellent. Not too little nor too much. Was it just right? OH YEAH! Our keynote speaker, Joy Beland, spoke about Governance and why it is important in Cybersecurity. Technoplanet’s President, Julian Lee also conducted a live, on-stage interview with her that you may want to catch.

Governance, Compliance, Supply Chain, Automation, Remote Work Protection, Artificial Intelligence, Block Chain, Life of a CISO and what to do and what not do if you’ve been hacked were among the topics covered. Future events will cover additional topics, so the more events you attend, the more you learn. 

We continue to expand the Cybersecurity Defense Ecosystem and have highlighted one of its components, “Marketing Automation with the appropriate content.” Our partner ContentMX is developing this platform for our community of cybersecurity professionals. This will make marketing simple and effective for all channel partners. When you go through the process, you will understand why it works. It is necessary for channel partners to persuade customers to invest intelligently in cybersecurity protection. We are on a mission to expand the platform with our select cybersecurity vendor partners so that our CDE members have free access to the content and platform. This is just ONE of the many tools and services we offer our members, so stay tuned for more! 

New website coming in May to showcase everything about the CDE! The goal is for the CDE to become a premier watering hole for channel partners looking to crack the cybersecurity nut! You can become a CDE member to explore all of our current available benefits. 

We have video recordings of the majority of the content presented at this event; if you wish to view them, please submit a request at Video content from our in-person events will not be publicly available, but is available free of charge upon request.